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About Frieze & Roy General Store: Canada's oldest general store is the heart of N.S. village


Nestled in the scenic village of Maitland, Nova Scotia, Frieze and Roy General Store stands as a beacon of history and community spirit. Established in 1839 by David Frieze, this distinguished establishment has the unique distinction of being Canada's oldest general store – a title that carries with it tales of maritime commerce, shipbuilding, and an ever-evolving community.


David Frieze's vision was later complemented by Adam Roy in the 1860s, and the partnership of Frieze and Roy was solidified in 1868. Together, they built a legacy. Their roles weren’t confined to business alone; both served as justices of the peace, underlining their unwavering commitment to Maitland. The two founders also shared strong ties with the Presbyterian church and were pillars in the Sons of Temperance movement. Maritime endeavors thrived with the help of Adam Roy's shipbuilder brother, Alexander Roy. Ships like the Barque Snow Queen, Esther Roy, Linwood, and the Brig Trust set sail under the Frieze and Roy banner, captained by notable names from the Roy, MacDougall, and Douglas families. By the 1880s, with shifting tides in the shipping industry, the store evolved to meet the community's varied needs, offering everything from hardware and lumber to candy and toys. Generations of the Frieze and Roy families took the helm in subsequent years, ensuring the store's continuity and relevance. Challenges like the 1970s' infrastructural changes couldn’t diminish the store's spirit. In 2004, Glenn Martin took stewardship, preserving its storied past.

Step into Frieze & Roy: more than a general store, the heart of a community


Today, Frieze and Roy is more than just a historic general store. It's also home to the Mud Slide Café, a delightful spot where visitors can indulge in mouth-watering meals and delectable ice cream. As co-owner Troy Robertson beautifully captures, this place remains "the heart of the community.Step into Frieze and Roy General Store and Mud Slide Café, and be part of a timeless tale – a blend of rich history, warm hospitality, and delicious flavors.


Mud Slide Café:
A Culinary Voyage

Savor Canadian flavors at Mud Slide Café. A culinary journey awaits. Stay tuned!

Mud Slide Café's Musical Nights
Dine to melodies at Mud Slide Café. Harmony of taste & tunes. Stay tuned!

Frieze & Roy
Fashion Emporium

Dive into maritime fashion. Modern twists await at Frieze & Roy. Coming soon.

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